About Us
We are beyond a Fitness Marketplace!

GymsKart is an online Fitness Marketplace that offers a complete set of fitness services in India. Launched in 2017, this startup has got every quality and technical competency to stun the people with its innovative approach. With an organized methodology that would bring about a new era in the health and fitness sector in India, GymsKart is geared up to help the people out with its ‘Do it Yourself’ approach that the users will love. Thus, GymsKart is all set to bring about a digital disruption that would surprise and motivate the people to lead a healthy and fit life always.

GymsKart has a strong network and has collaborated with well-equipped gyms, certified fitness trainers and above all, qualified dieticians. Now, you don’t need to go hunting for gyms in your locality because GymsKart has already prepared the list for you. You can get a 360° virtual tour of the nearest gym in your locality and join the gym accordingly without having the need to worry about getting a certified trainer or a personal dietician or nutritionist. With the help of the app, you can go through the uploaded videos in order to understand the workout procedure and the appropriate routine. You can even get a customized diet chart by entering a few details such as your sex, height, weight and age so that you can eat healthily. Therefore, with the help of GymsKart, being fit and healthy would hardly cost you a penny if you follow the perfect guidance of the virtual tutor designed by the experts in that field.


According to statistical analysis, India ranks third in terms of obesity. Almost every home houses an obese person in India at present. Therefore, we are trying to help the people out so that they start working out in order to stay in shape. Along with this, we also keep in mind that the developing youth and the ageing providers need to be fit and strong so that they can serve the country through their own little or big contribution and, spend a safe and secure life with the members of their family. Thus, we have ensured a process that they can subscribe to the training programmes at the gym and take the right food regularly.


We are not just a group of professionals who provide services to our customers. Rather, we strive to expand our services as per the needs of our clients who trust us.

  • Customer Support: We value our customers more than anything else in the world. We work day and night only to make sure that the people e of India sleep in peace because they are fit enough not to suffer from fatal adversities such as cardiac attacks, obesity, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and much more. Their health is our primary concern.

  • Establish Collaboration: We collaborate with gyms so that our customers do not have to enquire at each and every gym before taking up a fitness regime. This collaboration helps our customers to surf through all the available options at one go and choose according to their needs.

  • Reflect a Good Health: We ensure that the Indians are aware of the food that they consume regularly and the calories that they burn in turn. We do so by letting the people use the customized diet chart which they can get by filling up the particulars regarding their height, weight, age and sex. And, most importantly, our customized diet charts have been programmed after thorough consultations with expert dieticians.

  • Maximize Profit: We also keep in mind that our investors have helped us all along and, thus, we work hard to generate the maximum profit so that their investments turn out to be profitable. However, while doing so, we always ensure that we do not rob the people of the wealth and give them quality services always.

  • Care For The Society: Making a profit is not our only intention. By giving the women free training in defense and by helping the entrepreneurs (especially women) to get their own workspace on rent, we also give back to the society to help in the development.

  • Care For The Planet: We are the upcoming face of fitness in India and, thus, we consider it our responsibility to look after the environment. No matter what services we indulge in, we have made it a habit to check the level of pollution that we might create. We also make sure that we help to bring an end to environmental degradation by promoting and practicing plantation of trees, usage of renewable resources and the like.

We, the founders and the members of GymsKart, have imbibed a set of valuable qualities in ourselves that help us to emerge as a leading competitor in the market.

  • Quality Service: We always cater to our customers with top quality services so that they feel that their hard-earned money had been spent well. We never compromise on quality because that is what makes or satisfied customers lay their trust upon us.
  • Collaboration: We might be a startup, but we are very collaborative and, this is the quality that has made us stand out among the crowd and emerge as the first fitness brand in India that caters to the clients online.
  • Creativity: Our team of professionals is very creative and we formulate our plans in the best way possible to surprise the people of India always.
  • Commitment to the Employees: We treat our employees well because they make us who we are. It is their unmatched cooperation, the ability to adapt and learn new technologies and, and the effort to acquire relevant skill sets that have made us successful in our venture.
  • Honesty and Loyalty: We always work towards being honest in our approach and maintain loyalty not only to our customers but also to our clients.

GymsKart gives you the freedom and joy of being a healthy and fit. So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to contact us regarding the services that we provide and avail the same at affordable cost.